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Hello, my friend! You know me by now. It’s Amir, the creator of Woocer! 😊
This month is the second year that Woocer was born. YAY! This year, I would like to share my story, which is about the birth of the idea of Woocer.

Amir Hossein Rezaeifard

In November 2019, I lived a regular life as a student studying and living in the dormitory which is located in the breathtaking city of Hungary called “Debrecen”. But, my life was full of obstacles where I’ve always been hustling on the financial and professional side, and that’s when I initiated an innovative idea of the store-managing app just by using the phone or tabs, now it’s called Woocer.

Before Woocer, I had a startup. It’s built entirely on WooCommerce, and we were a team of 7 people. Then, the startup almost entered it the second year, but unfortunately, it didn’t work. It’s failed. No luck.

So as an entrepreneur like you, I believe WooCommerce is great on desktop but unpleasant on phone or tab.

I looked into similar WooCommerce manager apps in the market and found out that all the apps are directly dependent on the plugin, or most of these don’t have anything useful to offer. That’s where I decided to build something that takes away all the frustration of every entrepreneur.

So, gradually, two years have passed, and our app is at a pre-eminent level today.

Like every other person on the planet, we went through rough times due to Covid-19, and unfortunately, some of our team members got Covid where they suffered ultimately, and the worst part, some of them lost their family members.

Now, Woocer has a team of 5 members who handles everything. We’re using our pocket money to grow Woocer and keep the pace stable.

The good part is, I can promise you is that 2022 is going to be a big year for Woocer. We are planning to expand our platform to deliver much more features and incredible services than you think.

So far, Woocer is in a critical state due to the lack of funds in the system, and it’s putting extra pressure on the team.

I would like to kindly ask you if you can support us in any way possible.
If you do, then doing one of the following would be greatly appreciated:

– Writing a good review about us in Google Play or App Store.
– Tell about Woocer to your friends.
– Donate a small amount to support our team. (Donate here)

I appreciate your time to read this article. You can always email me to the support. I always read all of it myself, and I do my best to excel in my effort towards helping you all. Love you all.

Take care,

Woocer CEO

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